VOGUE (Re)launch - Visual Development Journey

A MANIFESTO ON TRANSFORMING VOGUE INTO A DISTINCTIVE AND APPEALING BRAND IN KOREA. It comes from France and has big ambitions in Korea. It wants to be the 1st choice to conventional super slim smokers who value quality of life. Vogue must become the alternative to Esse, the market leader. Most Koreans smoke Esse. For Vogue to get him to switch, it must offer him a real choice and propose a compelling point of view that he can relate to. Vogue is down-to-earth. It is not overly trendy or sophisticated. Neither is it simplistic or out-of fashion. Instead of a fashion victim, Vogue is simple and casual in taste. Vogue behaves like a gentleman. It is easy and never extreme. It is emotional and intelligent, not philosophical and challenging. It is a people’s person, not a salesman. Ultimately, smoking is an experience of collective exhalation that Vogue makes more enjoyable because it is a “shared pleasure”. Vogue is the code of good times, the tobacco equivalent of ‘cheers’ A private project. This project has no relation to British American Tobacco (BAT) in this case BATM (Malaysia) or PALL MALL or any other brands under the company.

Art Direction, Advertising, Packaging
April, 2011
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