Art Direction, Design
August, 2009
Design Approach/
The concept behind this new-age packaging is to reach its audience byconstructing a thought provoking yet exciting packaging as most of theRTD packaging available in the market now has the similar if notidentical concept, from how it holds the bottles/cans to how it stackson the shelf.

From this inspiration, a concept of the RTD being integrated into otherconsumer products packaging has been developed to create a new way topackage the drinks rather than creating a new format of wrapper for thedrinks, for instance, into a cigarettes box, a tissue box, a cereal boxor an aluminum foil box, to name a few.

A company with the aim of injecting new blood into the unexciting RTDmarket, creating a new group of RTD drinkers that cares for thepackaging as much as they care about the environment rather than theprice or the level of alcohol.

Target Group/Market sector/
Male or preferably female
Aged 18 - 25
- Environmentally conscious drinkers
- Chic, trendy and fashionable drinkers
- Comfortable yet delicious flavour despite of higher level of alcohol
- Reasonable socio-economic level

Description of Products/
Visual description with relationship to concept
The visually stimulating graphics on the front and back of the packagecreates the feeling of a stunned-double image effect. The movement alsoassociates back to back with the theme of the drink �" flux.

In addition to that, the vector graphic pattern on the left hand sideof the package is also illustrating the motion of whirl as well besidesbeing a strong identity to the brand and product. As an added value,the in-sequence patterns which vary from different flavors compose anabstract visual art (FLUX) when arrange in correct order.

The Cereal Box inspired packaging has the ability to allow its audienceto be able to open it intuitively for the first time due to thepre-knowledge of daily experience.

Undoubtedly, due to the shape, the box sits comfortably on theconsumers hand as if holding a book and the two perforated hole onback of the box work as an alternate way to carry the box in the sameway as carrying a box of cake.

Due to the form of the packaging, the voids on the package allow theconsumers to see and know what they purchasing. As the demand ofquality storage and package rises, consumer nowadays need more thanjust a pretty wrapper to keep their drinks. Therefore, the design ofthe packaging also operates as a dispenser when it is kept in therefrigerator. Instead of tearing the wrapper, consumers can choose toopen and shut the box to access its contents whether it is lyingvertically or horizontally. Consumers may also re-use it as a multipurpose storage box.

Fulfilling client/
Financially fulfilling as it is printed with 2 PMS colors for each flavor therefore reducing the cost of printing.

Good opportunity to promote environmental issue, as the material is a55% recycled carton board approved by the Australian RecycledCartonboard and is not imported as the traditional high wet strengthboard.

"The identity plays a very important role in the productrange as it is placed on the front of the packaging as a place to restthe eyes following a stare at the graphics, therefore attracts as muchattention as the graphics.

The character X from the brand name FLUX has been placed on the frontof the packaging as well which can only be barely seen from a distance(approx. 2 meters or further) which again trying to provoke audiencejudgment and view."
Logo development
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